How To Travel Despite The Fact You Are Anxious And Still Get The Best From It

How To Travel Despite The Fact You Are Anxious And Still Get The Best From It

Anxious Travel

Anxiety is a modern disease, according to therapists and healthcare providers. It is called modern because, in the past, people suffered from this issue way less. The causes are stress, poor lifestyle, depression, abuse, and trauma. The first thing to know is that you are not alone. More than 18% of the people in the United States suffer from anxiety. Only 30-35% of them are on a therapy.

Anxiety can prevent you do so many things that we cannot even count them. It is defined as an unjustified fear and treatment can be long. Anyway, anxiety is common for making you want to cancel your travels or activities. Here we will help you how to move past this issue.

Traveling is safe, even if you travel alone

Some of you are scared of traveling, especially if they travel alone. Actually, traveling nowadays is safe. Obviously, you won’t go to a war zone, but to visit tourist destinations and see monuments of countries.

Traveling is also safe if you are a single woman. New rules, regulations, checks and the awareness of governments across the planet made this kind of traveling far safer than it was a few years ago. Try to do a research before you go, related to the country of destination, culture, laws and etc.

Traveling is safe

Repeat yourself why you want (must) travel

This step is actually more important than you can imagine. In essence, you will have to repeat countless times why you want or must travel. Make sure to include that you must travel in order to feel better and to be a happier person. Include that if you cancel your trip, you will always regret.

Imagine yourself in the near future, one or two years from now. You will want to be a happy person and successful, obviously, so you should take the travel now when you can.

One of the most important steps is to remind yourself why you want to travel in the first place. It is to visit a place where anxiety cannot ‘’touch’’ you.

repeat travel

Get in touch with an online community

There are plenty of places on the web where people can share their fears and their secrets, mostly caused by anxiety. This is a place for you. By doing this, you can get tips and help from people who already experienced your problem.

In other words, you will feel that you are not on your own. When anxious, people think they are forgotten by the others, so this is an important step.

travel community

Don’t forget that you can go back home anytime you want

The last, but not least is the fact you must be aware of 24/7/365. You can be back home at any given moment. Even if you are in Japan and you live 2000 miles from it, you will need 10-20 hours to come home. In other words, you can wake up in your bed, on the following day at any given moment.

We know how scared you may be and that you probably make dozens of excuses not to make a travel, but this is perfectly normal. Just make the first step and the biggest part of a job is done.