What is an Open Back Headphone?

What is an Open Back Headphone?

Looking to get hold of a good headphone for gaming but are unsure about how to go about it? A Review by Ironhorsetrading that the Open Back headphones, unlike closed headphones, offer everything from great sounds to great experience. And they do all that without closing in all the sounds so that you could be aware of your surroundings.

Open-back has the back of the head phone cup open, helping you get more sound headed to ‘your head’ without losing out on your surroundings.

Depending on your needs, you may want to go in for either a wired or wireless headphone.

The Top Things that make your open back headphones buy worth it?

FocalYou might like to concur with me on the fact that gaming and headphones are a match made in heaven. No matter how good is the screen resolution of your device, your gaming experience would probably be incomplete without an ideal headset. An in this case, perhaps there is no device that can give a competition to an open back headset.

However, there are many times that you may feel your headphone buy was not worth it.

So considering myself being a hard-core gamer, I bring you a very personal piece of suggestion that you might like to consider before you go on to your next big buy. Perhaps, this would render you much satisfaction with the product.

Features of an ideal open back headphone

Here are some of the things that you would want to know from an ideal open back headphone.

  • Powerful and open sound system: As the name suggests, an open back headphone has the audio turned towards the surrounding area. As a result what follows is a heady concoction of your music with ambient noise. Although the soaking capacity of this music is pretty low, it adds into the realistic touch.The Verdict: Music is very pleasing and much more original and not filtered out.
  • Sweat-proof: You may all agree with me to the point that probably there is just one downside off long video game sessions that are accompanied by a headphone. That is definitely the sweat that is generated of the long-wearing of the headphones.However, this is not the case with an ideal open back headphone. Say goodbye to sweaty ears and wave a beautiful ‘hi’ to ears that breathe in freely. The last time I have used my open back headphone, it was for some 3 and half hours stretch to play the game, Captain America. However, you would be surprised to know I did not feel any kind of itchiness or discomfort of the sweat. It was all just permissible.The Verdict: It is very much permissible and comfortable for long hours of gaming.
  • Ultra-light: When we think of headphones, I think the first impression we have is that how much weight we need to carry. But with open back headphones, weight is just a number. With the smart exclusion of outer cups, the headphones are just manufactured at almost a weight that feels to be weightless.The Verdict: As like heat and size, I guess weight is a remarkably big determining factor for choosing your headphone. Thus, considering so, an open back headphone passes this test with flying colors.
  • Updated driver options: When it comes to driver technology you may like to agree with me on the fact that the open back headphones are way ahead of the other types that are available in the market.

wired headphones

As a matter of fact, headphone manufacturing companies have been religiously manufacturing planar and electrostatic headphones for open formats for many years now. Thus, what is available today is much at an advanced stage.

Bottom line: Whenever you go for buying an open back headphone, these are the major areas that you should check. If these are compatible, then you may like to know that you are good to go a long way in your gaming experience.

How Do You Know What’s the Best Open Back Headphones in the Market?

Audeze EL-8 Open Back Planar Magnetic HeadphoneNow when you know how important it is to have a worthy open-back headphone, let’s have a quick look at what are the chartbusters of this section. You would like products from the Audeze and the Sennheiser range. You would also love the ones from Grado and the HIFIMAN HE series.

If you are not in search of any cost-effective headband and merely focusing on unmatched quality headband, my personal recommendation would be the Audeze LCD-2.

Know a little about my experience with it.

If you are in hunt of a perfect headset without worrying about your pocket, then this headphone might be the ideal match for you. All about this headphone is top-notch. Ranging from its physical appearance to sound quality to performance, I felt everything to be best.

Adding an extra cherry on the top is the materials that have been used to manufacture it. Handmade rings made of West African Shedua wood, ear pads and head bands made of leather, everything is just luxe about it.

What Should You be Careful About?

Some drawbacks of the open back headphones include the following.

Despite a splendid performance and unmatched sound experience there are certain elements that an open back headphone cannot provide. Let’s have a look at the major one.

  • Inefficient noise isolation
  • Lower quality bass
  • Not ideal for commuting

If you’re looking to play games on your pc and are looking for a good headphone, you can surely give this a try.