Most Coveted Job Offers for Employees

Most Coveted Job Offers for Employees

A recent study found that the quality of relationships in the workplace is the primary factor in determining whether it is ideal or not. Today, the offers in this regard are not far behind.
According to Beth Boden, head of communications at Hewitt Associates, a leading management consulting firm, workers are more often considering if a company has good range of benefits and if it helps them meet their needs, fears and goals.


The needs, fears and goals have evolved over the years and the demographic profile of workers has as well. It is important to consider these three variables in determining what kind of benefits a company should offer. But beyond the generalities, employees looking to partner with an organization and entrepreneurs are responding differently to all these areas.

Many companies use variable pay systems, including individual bonds or profit-sharing to help employees connect with the personal success achieved by the company.

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Hewitt offers the following list of 10 priorities that employees focus on, based on important aspects to them and their long run success; feeling safe at work, financial security, the ability to prepare for retirement, the possibility of saving for the education of their children, having the opportunity to save for a house, being able to retire soon, opportunity to make more money, being able to enlarge their education outside of work, having an work environment that will allow them to stay healthy and ultimately having more time to spend with their family.

Pension plans are also directly linked and related directly to business results and the overall success of a company. Even pension plans bulletins are linked to good performance. Some companies give themselves the task of giving information about the costs and benefits of this type of financial aid, which in return, makes employees feel like the corporation really cares about their well being.

Investment Flexibility

Information should be available to all, a common mistake corporation make is creating division amongst departments and employees by providing certain information to specific departments and neglecting others. This behavior only promotes division in the workplace and a negative environment

Employees want to have information about their benefits on time and at their disposal. They prefer to collect more than just receive. The software, the intranet and most modern telecommunications systems make it easy for employees to access all information. Furthermore, some human resources departments have internal web pages dedicated to the company, for everyone to collect and print data when needed.

In general, employees feel a good deal of benefits if they have; medical insurance, a pension plan, compensation for performance, flexible work schedules, caring for children in a day care that’s part of the business, reimbursement for education and a solid plan for retirement.

Employee Benefits

All this aspects are not always present in every corporation or business, but if you focus on implementing some of these in your company you will surely elevate employee morale, and attract a better type of employee.

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