Understanding the Terms So You Know What Kind of Hotel Room to Book

Understanding the Terms So You Know What Kind of Hotel Room to Book

Few things to know before booking a hotel in any location!

While many of us have spent a large number of nights in hotel rooms, the truth is that there are a lot out there who have either never stayed at hotel or have never been responsible for booking the accommodations. Either they have traveled with their family, who paid for everything that was involved, or they simply have never traveled someplace before. That means that they are completely unfamiliar with the hotel rooms that are available to them.

If this is a situation that you find yourself in, then it might be a good idea to understand some of the terminology out there. There are many websites out there that offer greatly discounted prices on hotel rooms, but if you are unfamiliar with exactly how to book a room and what each room accommodation in cebu city stands for, then this may be depriving you of some opportunities. So here are a few questions answered for you that might make this a little simpler.

Hotel Room

What is a Hotel Room?

A hotel room is nothing more than the place you will be staying at night. Usually, you are allowed to check into this room at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and must be out by 11 o’clock on the day you have chosen for your departure. For example, if you booked a hotel room for two days, let’s say Monday and Tuesday, then you would be able to check in on Monday after 3 PM, and must be out by 11 AM on Wednesday.

A hotel room can come with several different amenities, including such things as a microwave, refrigerator, little kitchenette, television, and spa tub. These are just a few things that are available to you, and you should check the hotel before deciding to see what they offer.

What is a Hotel Room

The Types of Hotel Rooms?

When looking at hotel rooms, there are several different options that are available to you. The most basic of these is the standard room. Think of this as a studio apartment. What you will likely find there is an open area that contains either one king size bed, one queen size bed, or two queen size beds. Some standard rooms may even offer a couch to them.

In addition, the standard room will have a bathroom that will usually contain at least a shower if not a tub as well. You will have a television set, a dresser, usually a nightstand next to the bed, maybe even one on each side, and a chair. You may also find a desk, refrigerator, or microwave oven.

The superior room comes with some additional features. You may actually have such things as a little kitchen area, which can include a stove in larger sized refrigerator. You may have a dining area, which could be as simple as a counter hooked into the kitchen with two chairs to it, or a full for sitting table. The superior room can come with a small living room area, which could include such things as a couch, a coffee table and a love-seat.

The deluxe room will be one open space, but divided in such a way as to give you a feel like there are really four rooms in one. You will usually have a kitchen area, a dining room area, a living room area, and a bedroom area. Each of these areas will still be contained in the one open area, but will be divided out much in the way you would find in a standard apartment. These kinds of rooms are perfect for those who plan on staying in a hotel room for a few days or more.

The Suite is like having a one or two-bedroom apartment. This will come usually with a kitchen and living room area, but off of these rooms is a separate bedroom area, with its a door that closes off to the main part of the hotel room. This is perfect for those who plan to have people in their room during the daytime, but one a separate bedroom area, or for those who may have kids that they would like to have sleep out in the main area, while they sleep in the bedroom.

Types of Hotel Rooms

Why do people do check-in a hotel room rather than an apartment?

A lot of people will look at the definition of a sweet and wonder why they wouldn’t just get an apartment. The truth is that the suite offers them all the accommodations of an apartment without them having to pay for furniture or perform any of the cleanup. The hotel would provide the furniture in the maids would take care of the room.

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Choosing the right hotel accommodation for yourself is totally dependent upon your personal needs. If you find that you are not in need of anything but a place to sleep at nighttime, then a standard room may be ideal. However, if you plan on staying there for a week or more, then you may want to look at some of the other kinds of accommodations.