College Versus Travel: Battle Travel Always Wins

College Versus Travel: Battle Travel Always Wins

College Versus Travel

We are born, raised, educated, employed and then we provide all the same to our children. Although it is treated as safe, it isn’t ideal. Many people don’t have the freedom to choose what they want, which is usually related to traveling, so they end up employed after college, believing that the education taught them everything. In the real world, travel is the master teacher! It provides knowledge and skills unavailable in colleges. Below you can see just a few of them.

  • You are small, but capable of huge things

While in college, most students are taught that they should follow the path of their parents, which we mentioned at the beginning. It is the safest alternative which won’t transform you, nor force you to do things you only imagined. On the other hand, travel will. You will have to deal with completely new and unique puzzles and all of them will require a new type of answer.

The bottom line with this point is that travel can make you a stronger person. You will see how capable you truly are and that most fears you have right now are actually funny. We can say that travel will change your life in a way, college never can.

Travel Tips for College Students

  • Traveling destroys stereotypes

Watching TV and movies, we know that all Germans are serious, Australians hunt crocodiles and all French men are romantic. We also know that most of the world is very dangerous and it should be avoided at all cost. Nepal for example is apparently a dangerous country, especially for women. Women who traveled there claim it is actually one of the safest and the most peaceful countries on the planet.

In general, traveling will remove annoying and wrong stereotypes from your lifestyle. Our world and humankind are actually good and peaceful, despite the fact you hear on TV every day. This is just a glimpse of stereotypes you will break while traveling.

  • Past isn’t relevant

College teaches you that the past has a huge role in your life and that it should be followed. Travel teaches you completely opposite. Past is irrelevant and it isn’t important for your future. You will learn that living in a moment is far better and more appealing as well.

The main thing with living in the moment is the fact you absorb the entire energy and all the feelings from that particular moment. In other words, while living it, you are 100% alive. Furthermore, you will realize that dangerous things can be interesting as well, such is bungee jumping, paragliding or etc. Obviously, you will have a greater need to try some of them!

Travel & Tourism

The bottom line

The verdict or the final though is simple. College teaches you what you should know, while traveling teaches you what you must know. A person who comes home from long voyage won’t be the same who left the house. Try this by traveling for a long time and then go back home. Compare your stories, lifestyle, and skills with your friends. You will see the true difference!