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The Nature of the Successful Entrepreneur

What qualities differentiate the successful entrepreneurs from everyone else?

18. Originality: “The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.”—Aristotle Onassis

19. Direction: “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”—Lucius Annaeus Seneca

20. Independence and Focus: “Hell, there are no rules here—we’re trying to accomplish something.”—Thomas A. Edison

21. Vision: “The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”—Peter Drucker

22. Thirst for knowledge: “What we actually learn, from any given set of circumstances, determines whether we become increasingly powerless or more powerful.”—Blaine Lee

23. Drive: “The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.“—Nolan Bushnell

24. Flexibility: “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.“—Charles Darwin

25. Dedication: “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”—Jack Welch

Compiled by: AmericanExpress

I don’t think that memorable quotes are a panacea, but I know for sure that I’ve found it heartening to know that giants of business and captains of industry have struggled with the same issues that I face as an entrepreneur.

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806, 2017

Understanding the Terms So You Know What Kind of Hotel Room to Book

Few things to know before booking a hotel in any location!

While many of us have spent a large number of nights in hotel rooms, the truth is that there are a lot out there who have either never stayed at hotel or have never been responsible for booking the accommodations. Either they have traveled with their family, who paid for everything that was involved, or they simply have never traveled someplace before. That means that they are completely unfamiliar with the hotel rooms that are available to them.

If this is a situation that you find yourself in, then it might be a good idea to understand some of the terminology out there. There are many websites out there that offer greatly discounted prices on hotel rooms, but if you are unfamiliar with exactly how to book a room and what each room accommodation in cebu city stands for, then this may be depriving you of some opportunities. So here are a few questions answered for you that might make this a little simpler.

Hotel Room

What is a Hotel Room?

A hotel room is nothing more than the place you will be staying at night. Usually, you are allowed to check into this room at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and must be out by 11 o’clock on the day you have chosen for your departure. For example, if you booked a hotel room for two days, let’s say Monday and Tuesday, then you would be able to check in on Monday after 3 PM, and must be out by 11 AM on Wednesday.

A hotel room can come with several different amenities, including such things as a microwave, refrigerator, little kitchenette, television, and spa tub. These are just a few things that are available to you, and you should check the hotel before deciding to see what they offer.

What is a Hotel Room

The Types of Hotel Rooms?

When looking at hotel rooms, there are several different options that are available to you. The most basic of these is the standard room. Think of this as a studio apartment. What you will likely find there is an open area that contains either one king size bed, one queen size bed, or two queen size beds. Some standard rooms may even offer a couch to them.

In addition, the standard room will have a bathroom that will usually contain at least a shower if not a tub as well. You will have a television set, a dresser, usually a nightstand next to the bed, maybe even one on each side, and a chair. You may also find a desk, refrigerator, or microwave oven.

The superior room comes with some additional features. You may actually have such things as a little kitchen area, which can include a stove in larger sized refrigerator. You may have a dining area, which could be as simple as a counter hooked into the kitchen with two chairs to it, or a full for sitting table. The superior room can come with a small living room area, which could include such things as a couch, a coffee table and a love-seat.

The deluxe room will be one open space, but divided in such a way as to give you a feel like there are really four rooms in one. You will usually have a kitchen area, a dining room area, a living room area, and a bedroom area. Each of these areas will still be contained in the one open area, but will be divided out much in the way you would find in a standard apartment. These kinds of rooms are perfect for those who plan on staying in a hotel room for a few days or more.

The Suite is like having a one or two-bedroom apartment. This will come usually with a kitchen and living room area, but off of these rooms is a separate bedroom area, with its a door that closes off to the main part of the hotel room. This is perfect for those who plan to have people in their room during the daytime, but one a separate bedroom area, or for those who may have kids that they would like to have sleep out in the main area, while they sleep in the bedroom.

Types of Hotel Rooms

Why do people do check-in a hotel room rather than an apartment?

A lot of people will look at the definition of a sweet and wonder why they wouldn’t just get an apartment. The truth is that the suite offers them all the accommodations of an apartment without them having to pay for furniture or perform any of the cleanup. The hotel would provide the furniture in the maids would take care of the room.

hotel with traveler


Choosing the right hotel accommodation for yourself is totally dependent upon your personal needs. If you find that you are not in need of anything but a place to sleep at nighttime, then a standard room may be ideal. However, if you plan on staying there for a week or more, then you may want to look at some of the other kinds of accommodations.

1705, 2017

Commercial Real Estate


What Is A Commercial Real Estate – Various Types And Features

Commercial property

Many business owners plan to buy commercial property for expanding their business or for some other purpose. A perfect planning before making any deal may increase your profitability. Commercial property always allows an investor to get several benefits, like the flow of cash or the growth of capital.


Some people believe that most of the commercial properties include only apartments. However, the investors try to find an opportunity to invest in many other properties.


Commercial property- It’s different from residential ones


With the term- commercial real estate, we usually mean that there is nothing residential or private. Possibly, you have a rented property, or your unit allows you to have more earnings. In that case, such property may be a commercial one.  Various rules are applicable to these commercial properties.

The amount of profit that you get from your commercial property usually varies on the basis of the determined price. In fact, if your chosen properties are low priced and are situated in some unusual areas, you can gain more profits. While you have experience in this kind of real estate, you may have the best deal.

In most cases, commercial property involves a setting, which allows the corporations to conduct everyday operations. The companies usually let out such real estate for keeping up the flexibility and affordability.

Commercial properties are available in various forms, and they are also useful for a variety of purposes.



These units include professional structures, skyscrapers or the buildings with a tenant. Such properties are of different categories, such as Class A, B and C. The first one is the most excellent option because it comprises high-tech infrastructure. However, it can also be a renovated old house. Generally, you can this property in the easily accessible area.

The second category is also preferable to some investors as it includes older buildings. However, it can give them much high ROI, if the investors have renovated or upgraded the house with their own effort. Though these houses are in good condition, the infrastructure needs little investment. The third one is the oldest building with outdated infrastructure. Thus, the rate of rent may also be lower.

Apart from these options, you may get some offices, which work best for the small businesses of accounting.  They cover very limited space in the structure. You can use this room only for the receptionist.


Restaurant and retail stores

This sector seems to be much complicated on the basis of different metrics, like tenants, category of specific shopping mall and its size. In fact, a location may be a significant factor to the tenants of retail units. The price for retail unit can also have an effect, depending on the economy of a country.



This category includes garden units in the suburban areas. Very often, young residents shift to suburbs from some urban regions. Garden houses are usually three to four stories and include more than hundred units. These houses have also a better ration of land and building, and thus, it becomes easy to control depreciation. Besides, midrise houses may also be under this category with thirty to hundred units. High-rise units can be availed in some big markets.


Industrial property

This property may include the smaller units or larger warehouses.  While making a deal for such spaces, you can find some clear specifications on height. The height ranges from floor level up to the overhead. The maximum limit for the height can be of forty feet or more, if it is the large space. The companies that want to buy industrial house search for docks.

Some of the industrial units give the opportunity for investment. Among other categories, you can find light assemblies, which are quite simpler in structure. These are useful for office works and storage units.

Industrial property

Land areas

Many investors prefer landed property, which ensures development in future. Some lands are undeveloped, for example, pasture or farm. Many areas are located near the city, which had been highly developed in the past; however, now, it has become vacant. Brownfield is also such an area that was used previously for some industrial purposes, and at present, they are reusable.

In addition to all the above kinds of commercial properties, there are many other units, like hotels, sports units, public house, clinical centers and many other houses. You can also include theaters, funeral house and many more.

So, choose a commercial real estate that enables you to gain very high ROI. You can consult with real estate agents in your area to choose the best and most profitable commercial property. At the same time, you may also try to understand everything about the specific property that you have chosen.


2306, 2017

Most Coveted Job Offers for Employees

A recent study found that the quality of relationships in the workplace is the primary factor in determining whether it is ideal or not. Today, the offers in this regard are not far behind.
According to Beth Boden, head of communications at Hewitt Associates, a leading management consulting firm, workers are more often considering if a company has good range of benefits and if it helps them meet their needs, fears and goals.


The needs, fears and goals have evolved over the years and the demographic profile of workers has as well. It is important to consider these three variables in determining what kind of benefits a company should offer. But beyond the generalities, employees looking to partner with an organization and entrepreneurs are responding differently to all these areas.

Many companies use variable pay systems, including individual bonds or profit-sharing to help employees connect with the personal success achieved by the company.

Four smiling employees standing around their manager

Hewitt offers the following list of 10 priorities that employees focus on, based on important aspects to them and their long run success; feeling safe at work, financial security, the ability to prepare for retirement, the possibility of saving for the education of their children, having the opportunity to save for a house, being able to retire soon, opportunity to make more money, being able to enlarge their education outside of work, having an work environment that will allow them to stay healthy and ultimately having more time to spend with their family.

Pension plans are also directly linked and related directly to business results and the overall success of a company. Even pension plans bulletins are linked to good performance. Some companies give themselves the task of giving information about the costs and benefits of this type of financial aid, which in return, makes employees feel like the corporation really cares about their well being.

Investment Flexibility

Information should be available to all, a common mistake corporation make is creating division amongst departments and employees by providing certain information to specific departments and neglecting others. This behavior only promotes division in the workplace and a negative environment

Employees want to have information about their benefits on time and at their disposal. They prefer to collect more than just receive. The software, the intranet and most modern telecommunications systems make it easy for employees to access all information. Furthermore, some human resources departments have internal web pages dedicated to the company, for everyone to collect and print data when needed.

In general, employees feel a good deal of benefits if they have; medical insurance, a pension plan, compensation for performance, flexible work schedules, caring for children in a day care that’s part of the business, reimbursement for education and a solid plan for retirement.

Employee Benefits

All this aspects are not always present in every corporation or business, but if you focus on implementing some of these in your company you will surely elevate employee morale, and attract a better type of employee.

Hewitt Associates, Human Resources Consulting and Outsourcing, Hewitt Associates Official Site

1906, 2017

How To Travel Despite The Fact You Are Anxious And Still Get The Best From It

Anxious Travel

Anxiety is a modern disease, according to therapists and healthcare providers. It is called modern because, in the past, people suffered from this issue way less. The causes are stress, poor lifestyle, depression, abuse, and trauma. The first thing to know is that you are not alone. More than 18% of the people in the United States suffer from anxiety. Only 30-35% of them are on a therapy.

Anxiety can prevent you do so many things that we cannot even count them. It is defined as an unjustified fear and treatment can be long. Anyway, anxiety is common for making you want to cancel your travels or activities. Here we will help you how to move past this issue.

Traveling is safe, even if you travel alone

Some of you are scared of traveling, especially if they travel alone. Actually, traveling nowadays is safe. Obviously, you won’t go to a war zone, but to visit tourist destinations and see monuments of countries.

Traveling is also safe if you are a single woman. New rules, regulations, checks and the awareness of governments across the planet made this kind of traveling far safer than it was a few years ago. Try to do a research before you go, related to the country of destination, culture, laws and etc.

Traveling is safe

Repeat yourself why you want (must) travel

This step is actually more important than you can imagine. In essence, you will have to repeat countless times why you want or must travel. Make sure to include that you must travel in order to feel better and to be a happier person. Include that if you cancel your trip, you will always regret.

Imagine yourself in the near future, one or two years from now. You will want to be a happy person and successful, obviously, so you should take the travel now when you can.

One of the most important steps is to remind yourself why you want to travel in the first place. It is to visit a place where anxiety cannot ‘’touch’’ you.

repeat travel

Get in touch with an online community

There are plenty of places on the web where people can share their fears and their secrets, mostly caused by anxiety. This is a place for you. By doing this, you can get tips and help from people who already experienced your problem.

In other words, you will feel that you are not on your own. When anxious, people think they are forgotten by the others, so this is an important step.

travel community

Don’t forget that you can go back home anytime you want

The last, but not least is the fact you must be aware of 24/7/365. You can be back home at any given moment. Even if you are in Japan and you live 2000 miles from it, you will need 10-20 hours to come home. In other words, you can wake up in your bed, on the following day at any given moment.

We know how scared you may be and that you probably make dozens of excuses not to make a travel, but this is perfectly normal. Just make the first step and the biggest part of a job is done.

1806, 2017

why a lot of Americans come to visit this great Fairfax City

why a lot of Americans come to visit this great Fairfax City

In this article I want to tell you about some accommodation offers in Fairfax city in Virginia State. This is also a very nice city to visit and ill be interesting for everyone who likes to travel across the United States. It has a lot of tourist attractions and a lot of officials city symbols. This is the city of 8 Presidents. The city represents eight Virginians who served as the President of USA. So this town can be called a Mother of Presidents. So that is why a lot of Americans come to visit this great Fairfax City.

So that is why I want to tell you about some accommodation offers where you can stay when you come to visit Fairfax:

And the firs hotel that I am going to talk about is Hyatt Fair Lake Hotel. This hotel has 316 fully furnished and equipped gusts rooms that have all the necessary facilities like high speed internet access, work is, TV set and bathroom. And also the hotel can provide their guests with such additional amenities like the business center with conference hall and al the necessary equipment for the meeting, fitness center and a swimming pool.

TV set and bathroom

The hotel also offers their guests 24 hours room service and the coffee perk. And there are some tourist attractions located near the hotel among them are Tyson’s Corner Mall, Patriot car center, Washington monuments and others.

Another hotel that I want to tell you about is Courtyard Fairfax Oaks Hotel that is located near the George Mason University. And the hotel is also located near the local airport what is pretty convenient for all the travelers. The hotel has 144 guests’ rooms and some amenities like seasonal swimming pool and fitness center.

This hotel can also provide their guest with business center when the can hold their meting or other business occasions. And also this hotel has a smoke-free policy. There are also in each room such features as free high-speed WI-FI access, TV set, microwave, alarm clock and a hair dryer.

WI-FI access

And another hotel that I want to mention is Hilton Garden Hotel. It is a perfect looking hotel with a Smoke free facility, the inside restaurant, pavilion lounge and banquet room. The hotel is also situated in the ideal location near Washing Dulles Airport and Ronald Reagan Airport.

This is a hotel will you definitely get a pleasant and relaxing rest. It provides their guest with business center, free car parking space WI-FI internet access and other additional facilities. There are also indoor and open-air swimming pools in the hotel. And all the guest’s rooms are fully furnished d and equipped with microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, telephone and TV set.

Are you convinced that it is impossible to find low hotel prices well, then you should visit this cheap hotel rates site. Great place to check low hotel prices and other useful info.


1806, 2017

Honeymoon travel tips after marriage

Honeymoon travel tips after marriage

The honeymoon is the first post marriage episode. Both bride and groom wait for the day to come when they have to leave on a honeymoon. However, all can go wasted if the trip is not prearranged and actually. There are the lot of honeymoon ideas that couple should come across to opt for a one. Still many don’t even put them out in it. To make the trip successful and enjoyable, there is much stuff to be considered at first.

Like how the trip will be cheap and affordable, how to pour all romance into the honeymoon trip, ways to make the trip comfortable and much more. These things matter when you are on a journey of the lifetime. The days of your honeymoon are unique and demand the best planning from your side.

Honeymoons can be made cheap and reasonable by organizing and registering the trip as soon as possible. This makes sure for the availability, inexpensive and accessible registries. For instance, if you receive your honeymoon trip at some place pre your marriage, then they may offer you many discounts and offers so as not to lose you as a customer. Also, a late registry may make you suffer unavailability and high price tags. Besides this, if you want to make your trip inexpensive even if you are planning the trip a month or two before the marriage ceremony, look for discounted packages. They are available for newlyweds and acceptable in respect of quality.

Road Trip Honeymoons

Before setting up your honeymoon destination, just discuss the climate, environment, distance, etc., of the place. This will help you to opt for a perfect honeymoon destination. Other honeymoon ideas for cheap planning is to find alternatives for the destination you have chosen. Like if your dream destination is Hawaii and the trip will cost you too high, you can quickly search for an alternative in your nation that resembles Hawaii in climate and nature. This makes your travel cheap, and all plays in your currency. You can also plan your honeymoon in your house. It is not a tough job to do. Just demands some settings and fixtures like decorating your home with candles like stuff, arranging excellent dinner and most of all arranging a do not disturb tag on your door.

These days honeymoon cruises are found much exciting than others. This is because they play a role in all inclusive packages with some uniqueness. Cruises allow you to visit many places in a trip and hence to make sure that you will not get fixed up in a particular location. The sail in the cruise is the best part. It is more enjoyable than the land vacation. You need not search for any entertainment and amusement means.

Couple are still travelling the world

They are all there for you. The entire honeymoon cruises are especially for newlyweds, so no one is there to disturb the couple. These cruises include all things for you and no extra is to be made for things like food, accommodation, etc. The rooms at these cruises are also designed and decorated as per the flow of romance.

The honeymoon ideas are worth to be read and understood. They play a great role in making the trip romantic and ideal. Look for as many as you can and follow the desired ones.

1806, 2017

Finding Cheap Tickets For Air Travel

Finding Cheap Tickets For Air Travel

Isn’t it ironic that some folks just seem to get better airfare deals than others? Moreover, by better by mean WAY better. Frankly, I never even imagined that two people sitting together on the same flight, to the same destination could have paid vastly different fares until I met up with a student on one particular trip that is.

While I thought I made out okay paying five hundred dollars for my return fare, this student, who had admittedly booked months before me, was getting his return ticket for almost half of the price I had paid. While my initial reaction was that I had been cheated, I later resolved to find out all about air cheap ticket travel.

Since it was a student who had put me on to cheap air travel in the first place, my first point of call was a web search airfare catering to students. Some links immediately popped up and the first one to catch my eye was Student flights – the trusted network for cheap air travel. As I browsed through the website, I realized that all along, I had been paying an exorbitant fare. However, then, cheap flights came with certain conditions. For one thing, they needed to be booked at least three months in advance. Since most of my travel was confirmed well in advance, I did not see any reason why I could not book several months or more in advance to get deals! Next, I realized that most travel agents get a hefty commission from the airlines to ensure sufficient bookings. Moreover, some of them were known to pass these fees on as savings to their customers. This made cheap air travel possible for all.

Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare

Most of my travel arrangements were made directly with the airlines so I must have missed out on these other saving options. I resolved then and there that I would find a reliable travel agent and book solely through him, only if he offered to pass on the commissions to me. Surprisingly, I found more than one travel agent willing to do so. I could not believe that I had been losing out on cheap flights options solely because I was booking directly with the airlines! The next thing I realized was that there were some Internet booking options available that ensured that I got cheap air travel options. Websites like Price line, cheap flights, e-bates and even cheap tickets offered a range of affordable air travel options. Ho they made their money or how they were able to provide such affordable options became apparent once I realized that all airlines offer commissions to book to full capacity.

Moreover, on occasion the airlines themselves offer specials. Especially around holiday time.

A trip that cost me upwards of a thousand dollars could be converted to a cheap air travel option if only I kept a look out for the seasonal and promotional prices offered by the airlines. Often, these annual rebates were even better than the cheap air travel options provided by the largest and the best travel agents.

1806, 2017

College Versus Travel: Battle Travel Always Wins

College Versus Travel

We are born, raised, educated, employed and then we provide all the same to our children. Although it is treated as safe, it isn’t ideal. Many people don’t have the freedom to choose what they want, which is usually related to traveling, so they end up employed after college, believing that the education taught them everything. In the real world, travel is the master teacher! It provides knowledge and skills unavailable in colleges. Below you can see just a few of them.

  • You are small, but capable of huge things

While in college, most students are taught that they should follow the path of their parents, which we mentioned at the beginning. It is the safest alternative which won’t transform you, nor force you to do things you only imagined. On the other hand, travel will. You will have to deal with completely new and unique puzzles and all of them will require a new type of answer.

The bottom line with this point is that travel can make you a stronger person. You will see how capable you truly are and that most fears you have right now are actually funny. We can say that travel will change your life in a way, college never can.

Travel Tips for College Students

  • Traveling destroys stereotypes

Watching TV and movies, we know that all Germans are serious, Australians hunt crocodiles and all French men are romantic. We also know that most of the world is very dangerous and it should be avoided at all cost. Nepal for example is apparently a dangerous country, especially for women. Women who traveled there claim it is actually one of the safest and the most peaceful countries on the planet.

In general, traveling will remove annoying and wrong stereotypes from your lifestyle. Our world and humankind are actually good and peaceful, despite the fact you hear on TV every day. This is just a glimpse of stereotypes you will break while traveling.

  • Past isn’t relevant

College teaches you that the past has a huge role in your life and that it should be followed. Travel teaches you completely opposite. Past is irrelevant and it isn’t important for your future. You will learn that living in a moment is far better and more appealing as well.

The main thing with living in the moment is the fact you absorb the entire energy and all the feelings from that particular moment. In other words, while living it, you are 100% alive. Furthermore, you will realize that dangerous things can be interesting as well, such is bungee jumping, paragliding or etc. Obviously, you will have a greater need to try some of them!

Travel & Tourism

The bottom line

The verdict or the final though is simple. College teaches you what you should know, while traveling teaches you what you must know. A person who comes home from long voyage won’t be the same who left the house. Try this by traveling for a long time and then go back home. Compare your stories, lifestyle, and skills with your friends. You will see the true difference!



As long as you made the right decisions in life, You will always be right. But you must define whats right and whats wrong.